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Crazy few weeks & New baby geeks!

March 6, 2010

Terrible news, folks, the 3rd installment of our show was eaten by my voracious computer.

Partial fail on my part, but, I’m new at this, so be gentle!

Very sorry, but we’ll be back recording soon.


We’d like to congratulate Katie and her hubby Dave on their beautiful new twins, Jackson & Viola! Welcome to the world, kids!

Hang with us, we’ll be stomping back through the internets very soon!




We’re on Facebook!

February 4, 2010

Yeah, we know, and so is everyone else. But if you can’t get enough of us — or want to tell us to piss off — let us know at our Facebook page. And become a fan, because we’re attention whores.

Cue the music, please!

January 23, 2010

Here in the TR labs we have some small, zippy, musical dinos running around composing our show music, bumpers, etcetera, but they haven’t finished yet as the bigger carnivores keep trying to eat them and they run away really, really fast. We have to coax them out with Twinkies (small, zippy, musical dinos love Twinkies, just so ya know) and it takes a while.


One fine day we will have our own show music, but in the mean time, if YOU have written any music and would like to submit it to be featured on our show, please email an mp3 to

Even after we have our own theme music, we expect to still shamelessly plug the stuff our friends and listeners have created, so please let us know if you want some o’ that internet pimpin’ stuffs.



Episode 2! Facebook Games!

January 23, 2010

The girls discuss Facebook, especially the games and gaming content, and a bit of WoW updates for the super nerd.

Sick nerds! Sick nerds!

02 Tyrannosaurus Regina

Music this episode provided by Pandora Celtica! Thanks guys!

EPIC FAIL for Donna: I gave the wrong address for the group on the podcast…find them at and please forgive me as it was very late.

Tyrannosaurus Regina Podcast

December 8, 2009

“Where are all the female nerds?”

Episode 01 Tyrannosaurus Regina

The gals introduce themselves, talk about the state of female nerdiness and generally have a good time. Thanks for listening!

Links discussed in the show:

Wizards of the Coast 1999 Demographic Survey as posted on RPGnet

Entertainment Software Association 2009 Report

Andy Murray, Tennis Player